We are the Deep Drilling Experts

We specialise in Deep Drilled Electrical Earthing

Australian Wide Project & Contracting Services

With highly qualified Supervisors, Auditors and team of support crews, Mambre has a wealth of expertise, qualifications and skills to provide one-off or ongoing consulting, project and contract services


Electrical Earthing

Specialist earthing services including, soil resistivity, earth testing and earth electrode resistance testing.

Drilling Contractors

Over 21 years of experience in all aspects of drilling including down hole drilling, augering up to 50 metres and soil testing.

Asset Inspection

Mambre is a market leader in the supply of asset inspection services to electricity distribution and transmission networks and generations.

Vacuum Excavation

Our trucks are used to vacuum excavate to locate utilities, which are safely exposed without damage to the protective coatings of these many pipes and cables.

Who is Mambre?

Mambre is a locally owned Sunshine Coast company that has been providing high quality support to  the local government and utilities sectors. Mambre is dedicated to working closely with its clients to provide cost effective, personalised, and comprehensive service within all individual and utility sectors.


Mambre works with its clients individually. No two jobs are the same and no project is too large or too small. We are flexible in our approach and always aim to provide a personalised, customised, high quality service based on clients’ specific needs. We work on a project or contract basis and can accommodate any combination of requirements put to us.


Down the Hole Hammer, Blade and Auger up to 50 metres

Vacuum Excavation

Covering potholing, trenching, digging, cleanouts, jetting and cleanups

Earthing Systems

Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Installation

Power Poles and Towers

Ground Based Overhead Assessment

Underground Service Pillars and Pits

Inspection and Maintenance

Overhead Line Fault Indicators

Inspection and Testing

Water Crossings

Inspection and Testing

Termite Treatments

For Electrical Distribution Networks


Vacuum Excavation uses this technique to safely excavate in situations where normal excavation machinery cannot be used.

Hydro Excavation

More commonly known as vacuum excavation is a form of non-destructive digging that uses high pressurised water and an industrial-strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil.

This non-destructive form of digging can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures e.g., telecommunications, fibre optics, Telstra cables and underground power lines.

The vacuum excavation is a self-contained unit using high-pressure water to break down the soil, while a vacuum pump removes the soil into a holding tank on the truck.


“Each team member is highly qualified and experienced. With the average time working in the industry between 10 and 15 years.”
Mambre has a wealth of expertise, qualifications and skills to provide one-off or ongoing consulting, project and contract services.


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